Family always comes first, but work is always going to be there too. After dealing with the grind as Galen went through law school, business school, and a full time job, we decided that it was time to focus on the family again - and find a way to make work fit into the picture.

We decided to do what we were good at. For Galen, that is business and marketing strategy - focusing on email marketing and customer relationship management - as well as web and graphic design. For Bethany, that is talking with people; really getting to know the person, so she can find out what is at the heart of the issue. Also, she is really good at keeping a detailed lists of everything that she has ever done, is doing, or ever hopes to do. Together, along with their two tiny humans, Galen and Bethany make up the Henselers. 



Strategy + Design

Food: Pepperoni Pizza from The Pie Hole

Drink: Gin and Tonic

Book: Ender's Game

Movie: Good Will Hunting

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Project management

Food: Popcorn

Drink: Coffee

Book: To Kill a Mocking Bird

Movie: Moana